Experience SEISMIC - On the BAUMA 2022

Why Dynapac SEISMIC?

The intelligent SEISMIC brings customer value without the cost of mechanical complexity. Lower vibration frequencies gives less wear and tear on mechanical and hydraulic components.

Fuel Reduction Savings

Up to 55% less fuel required to complete the job. Use SEISMIC to save 21.200 EUR per year and machine.

Increase Productivity

Increase the machine productivity by up to 40%. Use SEISMIC to get paid for 180.000m3 more!

SEISMIC around the world

Pictures often say more than words. In our gallery we have placed some pictures of our SEISMIC rollers. From product pictures to construction site applications. Have fun with them!

Technical Reports & Job Site Stories

SEISMIC around the globe

Fuel consumption evaluation CA3500

A number of fuel saving initiatives were implemented in later years on Dynapac machines, however no controlled, practical verification on an actual job-site was ever made…

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