SEISMIC vs. Conventional Compaction


  • Reduction of the number of compaction passes with up to 30 %
  • Aditional savings in fuel consumption by 35 % in combination with ECO-Mode
Fuel consumption8,45[l/h]
Fuel cost2,00[EUR/l]
Utilization per year1 500[h]
30 % reduction of # of passes0,70
Fuel cost per year and machine17 745[EUR]


  • Non-SEISMIC machine
Fuel consumption13,00[l/h]
Fuel cost2,00[EUR/l]
Utilization per year1 500[h]
Fuel per year and machine19 500[l]
Fuel cost per year and machine39 000[EUR]

SEISMIC around the world

Pictures often say more than words. In our gallery we have placed some pictures of our SEISMIC rollers. From product pictures to construction site applications. Have fun with them!

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SEISMIC around the globe

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Read more about how SEISMIC was invented, the natural phenomenon that SEISMIC benefits from and what benefits you can expect from a machine equipped with the SEISMIC function.

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