Swedish National Road & Transport Institute (VTI) confirms SEISMIC’s fuel-saving performance

SEISMIC’s performance has now been verified by independent sources. Recently, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute supervised a series of fuel consumption tests on the Dynapac CA 3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller.

It was tested in three different settings over a period of two weeks. The two test weeks were identical regarding procedures and were performed twice to validate that similar test results were reached. The results spoke for themselves. VTI measured a fuel reduction consumption of 28-35% compared to conventional compaction (fixed frequency). Moreover, they registered a good alignment with the onboard telemetrics, which reported savings of 36-38%. Reduced costs from the reduction of passes were not included in the report. This means that under real job site conditions, there is an overall saving of around 55% to complete the job.

Please read the full report below:

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