SEISMIC – Optimal Compaction arrived (Press Release)

In any compaction job, finding the right balance of factors for the best results has always been a science in itself.

DYNAPAC CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller Optimal compaction has arrived

In any compaction job, finding the right balance of factors for the best results has always been a science in itself. Fortunately, with the Dynapac CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller, achieving, fast, cost-effective compaction with greater operator comfort and optimal outcomes is now easier than ever. As a trusted and versatile workhorse, the Dynapac CA3500D, has been a highly popular model for effective compaction and quality performance. Now, with the addition of our ground-breaking SEISMIC technology, the CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller takes compaction to a whole new lev

SEISMIC – the name to know

SEISMIC is a unique and intelligent technology that automatically enables the roller to determine the optimum frequency for any compacted material. At the heart of the system is an onboard machine control unit, as well as a next-generation compaction meter. This game-changing feature makes it possible for SEISMIC to sense the dynamic characteristics of the material and then calculate the optimum frequency required for the best compaction results. The entire process is achieved using an advanced data flow from the SEISMIC Compaction Meter to the onboard machine control unit, which regulates the machine’s hydraulics. Another operational advantage is that SEISMIC technology gets rid of any uncertainties by automatically detecting the frequency of the soil characteristics. By working together with the soil, the SEISMIC feature automatically applies the correct amount of energy exactly where and when it´s required and can hydraulically change the drum frequency, every 0.2 seconds for maximum performance. And because the drum no longer randomly hits the soil, each job is given a new level of precision and efficiency with considerable time and cost-saving benefits.

Win-wins on the way

By optimally adjusting the frequency, the Dynapac CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller significantly increases job-site productivity while reducing the number of passes necessary compared to conventional compaction carried out at a fixed frequency. Over- or under-compaction are no longer issues. In doing so, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 55% during job completion, with overall heightened productivity of up to 40%. The increase in efficiency also brings with it more sustainable advantages like helping lower one’s carbon footprint by up to 55%. Due to lower frequencies, noise levels are also reduced for the benefit of the operator and those in the surrounding areas. Additionally, operating at a lower frequency subjects the machine to less wear & tear and the resulting maintenance and repair costs of the hydraulic and mechanical elements.

Better rolling without the rocket science

Future-ready technology should be intuitive and user-friendly from the start. That’s why the Dynapac CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller comes with a fully automatic frequency adjustment system with built-in intelligence. The familiarization process is quick and doesn’t require any additional training – just get in and go. Moreover, the system eliminates problems caused by blind guesswork or manual frequency adjustments. All operators need for ideal compaction results is to simply get in and get going.

More comfort while compacting

The Dynapac CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller not only ensures for optimal compaction but also ideal comfort while doing it. SEISMIC operates at lower frequencies, and in most cases, lower than what the human ear can perceive (20Hz). This results in reduced noise levels for both operators and their surroundings. This, together with continually improved cab isolation and seating comfort makes every project easier on the operator.

The right choice for all the right reasons

Working with the Dynapac CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller is not only an investment in more job-site efficiency and successful compaction results. Its time-saving and easy-to-use features can also help heighten the motivation and well-being of everyone involved in the project. Reviews from operators working with the SEISMIC technology have overwhelmingly given positive feedback and enjoy the easy functionality and quality results. The SEISMIC feature is also available for the Dynapac CA1500-6500.

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